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Colouring ancient copper
Leave copper too much shining during a few days in a wet room, (bathroom, for example) it will take naturally a darker colour.
Testimony of Georges Blanc

Coppers tinned
Since 1872, Georges Blanc's "3 stars" restaurant in Vonnas (Ain-France) uses every day tinned pans. George Blanc (4th generation) and soon Alexander (one of these two sons) tell us about it:
"there are many advantages to use coppers tinned, we benefit from the good conductibility of copper and the neutrality of tin: we have never sauces which attach or preparations with the parasitized tastes.
It is very interesting, in the style of kitchen that we do here, to have pure tastes. This material have proved it for a long time, and we hope to preserve and maintain it, for the future generations… "
Councils of Jeanne

The quince apple Jam
Jeanne advises you to make your jams in a copper basin. Indeed, copper offers a fast and uniform conductibility of heat thus ensuring the success of the preparations containing sugar.
Sugar, let's speak.
Copper neutralizes the acidity of the fruits appreciably; it is so necessary to add less sugar. It is better for health!

To make successfully jams, we must have passion and time, but it is a pleasure!

While taking the advices of Jeanne, you will surprise gourmets and greedy!

The recipe

Take the same quantity of quinces and apples, shell them, cut them of pieces.
Put in a copper basin, cover with water and let cook a half hour.
Pass the fruits cooked to the mixer.
Weigh the paste obtained.
Add sugar. (weight equivalent to the weight of paste)
Cook in the basin by stirring up without interruption during fifteen minutes.
Put hot jam in the pots and close them at once.
Very good ideas

To make shining coppers without tire?
Scoop: the negative argument “yes, it's ok, but it's necessary to rub” is falling down forever!!!
The Copper factory of Cerdon markets its characteristic special cleaning product “Professionals”.
You don't rub any more:
You spreads out with sponge, you waits (10 seconds), you rinse, you dries… and that shine!!!
Your easy ways and receipts

… with your pans!
Deliver to us your “secrets”, divide with us your receipts, those which you make in a copper ustensil, of course...
Easy way …

To prepare its jam basin
Before giving in service its basin to jam at the beginning of season, make boil, inside, of the vinegar and the deicing salt. It is natural and effective for remove all the traces and the bacteria!
Testimony of Jean-Pierre Vulin

Copper in the kitchen
L'Auberge Bressane at Bourg-en-Bresse (Ain-france)
“Tinned copper is ideal for "mijoter" (to cook gently and slowly).
It allows a soft and regular cooking, in the “home” spirit of our grandmothers".
Jean Ducloux - Restaurant Greuze à Tournus

Jean Ducloux - Restaurant Greuze à Tournus



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